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Server, AWS | Change your server accessible key of .pem file

$ chmod 600 '.pem file'
$ ssh-keygen -f '.pem file' -y >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
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iOS – Swift | Screen transition with data

Key point : Call the ‘performSegue’ function in viewDidAppear section

1. Generate Segue

Control-Drag a mouse point from the circle of starting view controller to the ending view controller

2. Select ‘Present Modally’

3. Select the arrow line

4. Set the ‘Storyboard Segue – Identifier’

5. Insert the source code to the ‘viewDidAppear’ section at a swift file for the view controller.

    override func viewDidAppear(_ animated: Bool) {
        performSegue(withIdentifier: "SignupSegue", sender: self)