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CSCOPE command option

s : symbol
g : definition
d : function called by this function
c : function calling this function
t : text
f : this file
i : include file

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Vi Command(Usage)

# Record and Play(Repeat)
qa ; start record
q ; stop record
@a ; play(repeat)
98@a ; play(repeat) 98 times
ctrl+a ; incremental number at a number character cursor


#Copy And Paste With A Slot Registered
(Using an ‘a’ Slot.)


#Character Case Toggle(Uppercase Lowercase)
gU : uppercase
gu : lowercase
~ : toggle


#Visual mode selection
v : visual mode selection
ctrl + v : visual mode virtical selection


#Convert to Lowercase
v : visual mode selection
(and then) u



#Convert to Uppercase
v : visual mode selection
(and then) U



#Cscope & Ctags Update in vim window
:cscope -Rbq
:cs reset


#Screen Up/Down
Ctrl+y (Screen Up)
Ctrl+e (Screen Down)
zl (Screen Right)
zh (Screen Left)
zL (Screen Right)
zH (Screen Left)
zs (Screen Right)
ze (Screen Left)


#Split windows
ctrl+wv (Vertical)
ctrl+ws (Horizontal)
ls (Show current buffers)
ctrl+wl / ctrl+wh / ctrl+wj / ctrl+wk (Navigate windows)
ctrl+wr (Shift up/down or left/right)
ctrl+ww (Iterate windows)
ctrl+w + shift+h/l/j/k (Move window)