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BPI | Burn the booting image to BPI board

Already did burned the booting image on the board following the post.

And then let’s do burning the booting image on eMMC of the board.

1. .zip image in USB stick

If the booting image needed, download it at the link.
And copy the image to the USB stick.

2. Insert the USB stick to the BPI board

3. Mount the USB on the BPI board

$ sudo mount ‘USB path’ ‘directory’
(Ex. $ sudo mount /dev/sda1 /usb)

4. Burn the image with ‘bpi-copy’ command

$ bpi-copy ‘image path’
(Ex. $ bpi-copy /usb/

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BPI-M2U | AP6212 Wifi, Connect to wifi via terminal command


Device : BPI-M2U
OS : Debian 8 Jessie Lite
Wifi module : AP6212

How to

1. Connect to internet via an ethernet cable

2. Install network manager

$ sudo apt-get install network-manager
$ nmcli dev wifi list
$ nmcli dev wifi connect [ssid] password [password]


BPI Youtube video

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Banana Pi – Burn image on micro sd card

Burn image on microSD


$ diskutil list

$ diskutil unmountdisk [SD CARD PATH]

(Ex. $diskutil unmountdisk /dev/disk3)

$ sudo dd bs=1m if=[IMAGE PATH] of=[MICRO SD CARD PATH]

(Ex. Sudo dd bs=1m if=~/2017-05-25-raspbian-jessie-preview3-bpi-m2u-sd-emmc.img of=/dev/rdisk3)

$ sudo diskutil eject [MICRO SD CARD PATH]

(Ex. sudo diskutil eject /dev/rdisk3)